British-made menswear rooted in mid-century style


Why choose us?

Working with a range of tailors in and around the UK (and abroad). We are able to offer a variety of custom clothing – designed and made for you based on your needs.
Meeting with you, we can bring together ideas of cut and fit, using references from our vintage archive and our own personal design recommendations. Pooling these elements together and suggesting fabric choices to compliment the suit, a design will be created and we then can begin with the process.

We offer a range of hand-finishes and levels of construction, being aware of any budget or time limitations you may have.

Be it for a wedding, a special occasion or just because you want a suit, feel free to get in touch with us through our contact page to arrange a consultation.

Love our trousers, but you know that you’d love them even more in a specific colour, fabric or with a slight variation on the design. We’re happy to work with you to create your ideal pair.

If you’re looking to have a complete custom pair of trousers tailored for you, we can work with our pattern cutters to hand-cut an individual pattern and create your desired cut, fit shape and style.

Our knitwear manufacturers in Milan (Italy) can offer us the option to custom design our knitwear in a different colour options. If this interests you, we can supply colour charts and sizing breakdowns to help you create a total one-off piece.
For everything else, we are here. We have built up a large team of talented craftsmen that we use for all areas of our collection range. If you’re looking to have something made – we’re here to work with you to make it happen. Get in touch via our Contact Us page.