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Duffle Bags : The history of.

In light of my launch into the world of running my own clothing, luggage and accessories brand I thought it would only be wise to give everyone a slice of the knowledge that I have on my first collection : Scott Fraser Duffles.

Think duffle bag. You think draw-string tied closure, pouch-like cylindrical sack with generally a string strap and flimsy clip-on fastening connected to a piece of vinyl. Well that’s what I thought after coming across one whilst clearing out my grand parents garage.

The origins of duffel or duffle came in the mid 17th century: from Duffel, the name of a town in Belgium where the cloth was originally made.

However, in more recent history the duffle made a global impact predominately after WWII. This bag, a perfect vessel to carry your kit, be it your deck pegs (trousers) or dress whites. They flooded into the shores of east-coast America, Australia and carried by other Naval personnel further on throughout Europe no doubt. These bags were also known to some as Seabags or Ditty bags. The now heavy canvas surplus sacks were picked up by whoever wanted them. Handed down or purchased at an Army surplus store in surrounding towns and cities. Adopted by different countries and slowly over time molded into their own variations of this ever iconic versatile bag.

As I said this is what I know, short as it is. That’s it.