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The start of something : Scott Fraser Duffles.


Those that have been keeping up to date on the goings on of the duffle bags via instagram (@scottfrasercollection) and twitter (@scottfrasercltn) will know that it’s forging ahead.

Several weeks ago, I visited an established leather merchants in the heart of the East end of London. There I spent some time getting to know what the difference was between veg-tan and split leather was among other things.

j-t-batchelor-enchancej-t-batchelor-shop j-t-batchelor-productsI was given a tip off by my close friends at Dawson Denim ( that they were able to make metal dye stamps for impressing logos or shapes into the skins. Which was my real reason for getting down there. After finalising my logo weeks earlier (check out the previous post) I went ahead and had one made.

Strong isn’t it.

Once getting hold of this, I went ahead with getting the final sample made for the final duffles that will be on offer. As I said, this whole process is new to me and I was surely set to learn things along the way. The initial body fabric for the bag was going to be a vinyl but after having made the first sample within a couple of days I could see the real strength of it – or lack of it…

Realising and admitting to myself that the vinyl was just not an option for these bags I’ve gone ahead with a durable tight weaved 15.oz British canvas, in a variety of colours and a solid 2.3 mm thick chocolate brown split leather. All British materials I might add.

Introducing to you the Scott Fraser Duffles. Available in the next couple of weeks in a variety of colours.

Let us know what you think and feel free to share it with the world.