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Keep you in : The loop collar shirt story.

The loop collar shirt. Prominent in wardrobes spanning the 1940s through to the 1960s. Naturally over these decades the shirts evolved; collars extended wide across the chest and then shortened to suit the times, but what didn’t change was the loop.2625d1999cd6be9ad3a30b65a8a285d0

The term loop collar is used to illustrate the fastener of the shirt that is attached to the top of the button hole placket – the loop fastens to a concealed button under the collar. This is only if the wearer decides to wear it in such a fashion.

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The collar of the shirt (when left open) has pointed lapels that has a subsequent semi-collar that sits spread across the chest. This design giving a slightly lower neck line than a generic button-down or dress shirt – demonstrating more of a casual aesthetic.355b2a456bad9833a7c1b805ca675d50

Historically, this style of shirt was most common in leisure and resort wear (Hawaiian shirts, travel outfits and lounge wear). The loop is designed to secure the collar so it doesn’t flap in the wind, but mostly give versatility in it’s style to the wearer.