Classic wide-leg trousers (30+ new fabric options)


Reminiscent of the golden-era actors and artists from the 40s and 50s. Wide legged (10 inch hem) and a high-waist band. When worn, to fall from the hip-line. New updates to our house cut.

Made-to-order in London (UK) and take 3-4 weeks to make – please select your fabric choice from the options below. We are currently offering free leg alterations on all our trousers, so they’re ready to go when they arrive with you.

Main picture fabric option – Duke of Windsor check wool.

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Reminiscent of the golden-era actors and artists from the 40s and 50s. Wide-leg and high-waisted. When worn, to fall from the hip-line. A new update of our classic.

– High-waist with extended belt fastening
– Wide leg
– 13 inch +/- front rise (including waistband)
– 1/4 inch dropped belt loops
– Double forward pleats (as standard since July 2020)
– Tab-button single back pocket
– Concealed waistband pocket

Available in a variety of weight cloths. Please make your selection from the options available. Model wears the Black and green tonic wool fabric option.

How to take your waist measurement – Due to the high-waisted fit of these trousers, a correct waist measurement should be taken in-line with your belly-button/hip line. Use a tape measure on your skin, applying a small amount of pressure to obtain a good reading. We use your natural waist measurement to make your trousers, please don’t rely on what size jeans or trousers you normally shop for as these sizes generally allow for an extra 1/2 inches for ease. In most cases, you will measure 1/2 inches larger than what you are used to, eg. if you normally take a 34 inch trouser, your natural waist will measure a 35/36 inch. Please see the diagram below for an illustration of how to take your measurement, if you have anymore questions please get in touch.
How long does the inside leg length come? – Throughout this month we are offering a free leg-alteration option on all our trousers so they’re ready to go when they arrive with you. Please select your leg length or opt-out to receive them with a long and un-hemmed 34 inch inside leg for you to alter at your own leisure. We recommend a turn up of 1 3/4 inches on these trousers, this will be done as standard unless otherwise stated to us. We suggest to give them a little break over the shoe, not too much though – but you do you, we are all individuals. 
How long do the trousers take to make? – Each piece is made on a per-order basis, please currently allow 2-3 weeks for your hand-made item to be dispatched and we do not accept exchanges/refunds. Please consult the Order Terms for more information and contact us if you need anymore help with sizing.

Made in London, England.

Autumn / Winter Fabrics

Brown and black sack tweed

IMG_0700 copy

Black British wool

IMG_0757 copy

Grey, black & white nubby wool

IMG_0710 copy

Chocolate Brown British wool

IMG_0800 copy

Duke of Windsor slub check

IMG_0855 copy

Beige and brown basket weave wool

IMG_0831 copy

Brown thick corduroy

Scott Fraser Collection - Chocolate brown thick corduroy

Thick white oat wool

IMG_0689 copy

Grey mottled fleck wool

IMG_0745 copy

White needle corduroy

Scott Fraser Collection - White Corduroy

Blue silk & wool fleck

IMG_0875 2 copy

School grey British wool

IMG_0827 copy

Pink & black dogtooth

IMG_0915 copy

Red window pane check

IMG_0891 2 copy

Blue & white dogtooth

IMG_0922 copy

Dark navy blue wool

IMG_0884 2 copy

Mid brown slub wool

IMG_0728 copy

Blk & green tonic wool

Black and green wool

Salt and pepper wool

Salt and pepper wool

Spring / Summer Fabrics

Ginger micro houndstooth

IMG_0732 copy

Plum brown hopsack linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Plum brown linen

Military green cotton

Scott Fraser Collection - Military green

Sage green Irish linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Sage linen

Latte crisp cotton

IMG_0917 copy

Navy blue Irish linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Navy blue linen

Putty Irish linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Pale putty

Jet black Irish linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Black line

White Crisp Cotton

Malibu cream linen

Scott Fraser Collection - Malibu cream

White/milk linen cotton

Scott Fraser Collection - White milk linen cotton

Black and white check cotton

Scott Fraser Collection - Black and white mid-check cotton

Beige cotton chino

Beige cotton

Navy blue cotton

Scott Fraser Collection - Blue Cotton

Mid grey tropical wool

IMG_0893 2 copy

Choc brn linen/cotton

Scott Fraser Collection - Chocolate Brown linen

Corn flour tropical wool

Scott Fraser Collection - Corn flour blue tropical wool

Additional information

Weight 0.60 kg
Fabric option

Thick white oat wool, Mid brown slub wool, Blk & green tonic wool, Grey mottled fleck wool, Black British wool, Salt and pepper wool, Dark navy blue wool, Charcoal Herringbone, Chocolate brown thick corduroy, Grey, black & white nubby wool, Brown & black tweed, Chocolate Brown British wool, School grey wool, Beige & brown basket wool, Duke of Windsor slub check, Blue silk & wool fleck, Red window pane check, Pink & black herringbone, Ginger micro houndstooth, Mid grey tropical wool, Black & white check cotton, Military green cotton, Sage green Irish linen, White/milk linen cotton, Navy blue Irish linen, Putty Irish linen, Jet black Irish linen, Malibu cream linen, White Crisp Cotton, Beige cotton chino, Navy blue cotton, Corn flour tropical wool, Choc brn linen/cotton, Plum brown hopsack linen, Latte crisp cotton

Waist size (Inches / cm)

25" inch / 63.5cm, 26" inch / 66cm, 27" inch / 68.5cm, 28" inch / 71cm, 29" inch / 73.75cm, 30" inch / 76.25cm, 31" inch / 78.75cm, 32" inch / 81.25cm, 33" inch / 83.75 cm, 34" inch / 86.25cm, 35" inch / 89cm, 36" inch / 91.5cm, 37" inch / 94cm, 38" inch / 96.5cm, 39" inch / 99cm, 40" inch / 101.5cm, 41" inch / 104cm, 42" inch / 106.75cm, 43" inch / 109.25cm

Inside leg length (Inches / cm)

I don't want them altered – I'll do it, 25" inch / 63.5cm, 25.5" inch / 64.75cm, 26" inch / 66cm, 26.5" inch / 67.25cm, 27" inch / 68.5cm, 27.5" inch / 69.75cm, 28" inch / 71cm, 28.5" inch / 71.5, 29" inch / 73.75cm, 29.5" inch / 75cm, 30" inch / 76.25cm, 30.5" inch / 77.5cm, 31" inch / 78.75cm, 31.5" inch / 80cm, 32" inch / 81.25cm, 32.5" inch / 82.5cm, 33" inch / 83.75cm, 33.5" inch / 85cm, 34" inch / 86.25cm, 34.5" inch / 87.5 cm, 35" inch / 89cm, 35.5" inch / 90.25cm, 36" inch / 91.5cm, 36.5" inch / 92.75cm, 37" inch / 94cm, 37.5" inch / 95.25cm, 38" inch / 96.5cm