High-waisted denim jeans

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A jean, with one cut for all. A sturdy jean that uses an organic indigo dyed 16oz selvedge denim. Complete with a 5-pocket construction, button-fly and rear cinch-back adjuster.

Working in collaboration: these jeans have been made for SFC in a high-waist and wide-leg fit. Made in Germany by a long-standing workwear manufacturer and woven on 80 year-old shuttle looms.


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Jeans size chart

How to take your waist measurement – Due to the high-waisted fit of these jeans, a correct waist measurement should be taken in the same way as our trousers and taken from 1.5 inches / 3 – 4 cm above your belly-button/hip line. Use a tape and measure on your skin, applying a small amount of pressure to obtain a good reading. We ask for you to measure yourself and not rely on what size jeans or trousers you normally may take as these sizes can vary with different labels. It can be a minefield to find the right jeans fit, so we’ve made it simple and the size that is listed is the size you’ll get. Please check the size chart before ordering, taking into account how you might want to wear them: if simply with a t-shirt, stay at your size; if you plan to tuck sweaters into the waist you may want to size up. If in doubt stay at your size. I personally feel that after a couple of months of wearing these jeans they soften around the waist-line and give a little more. 

Leg length – If you’d like to have your jeans altered with a single-stitch hem before they arrive with you please consult the size chart to see if this can be done. If you would like a turn up/ cuff on the your jeans, please include this additional length when selecting your inside leg measurement. (We recommend a 2.5″ turn up)  Please note, we charge an additional £15 for this service any altered the jeans are unable to be returned.

If you don’t want them altered, most of the jeans come with a long hemmed leg length (see size chart). Naturally, we’re all unique and our inside leg length is unique all the same, so you may find that upon receiving your jeans that you’ll need to alter them to how you want to wear them.

It’s up to you: some people like a turn-up (we think 2.5 inches looks great if you do), some like a straight finished hem, some like to cut the hem and let the denim fray out – you do you! We offer a length altering service but once altered the jeans are unable to be returned, we’re sure you’ll understand that.

Additionally, if you’re interested for an extra-long leg inside leg (38/40inch inside leg options) please contact us – contact@scottfrasercollection.com 


Washing suggestions – When you talk about washing denim there’s SO many different schools of thought – basically some wash and some don’t. If you do (we typically do every 4 months or so), be sure to wash them on a cool and delicate cycle, or soak them in a bath both at a temperature of 30/40 degrees. As with all raw denim, after washing there is minimal shrinkage, expect to see 1 to 2 cm shrinkage in the leg length, the waist will not shrink. When doing your first wash, the water may take on some of the colouring of the deep indigo dyes that are used, this is normal for raw denim and that’s why generally we suggest washing them on their own.

Additional information

Weight 1.1 kg
Actual waist size (Inches / cm)

30" inch / 76.25cm, 31.5" inch / 80cm, 33" inch / 84cm, 35" inch / 89cm, 37" inch / 94cm, 38.5" inch / 97.75cm, 40" inch / 101.5cm, 41.5" inch (please contact us to order), 43" inch (please contact us to order)

Alter your leg length

I don't want them altered – I'll do it, Alter my jeans to my length

Inside leg length (Inches / cm)

Not applicable, 25" inch / 63.5cm, 25.5" inch / 64.75cm, 26" inch / 66cm, 26.5" inch / 67.25cm, 27" inch / 68.5cm, 27.5" inch / 69.75cm, 28" inch / 71cm, 28.5" inch / 71.5, 29" inch / 73.75cm, 29.5" inch / 75cm, 30" inch / 76.25cm, 30.5" inch / 77.5cm, 31" inch / 78.75cm, 31.5" inch / 80cm, 32" inch / 81.25cm, 32.5" inch / 82.5cm, 33" inch / 83.75cm, 33.5" inch / 85cm, 34" inch / 86.25cm, 34.5" inch / 87.5 cm, 35" inch / 89cm, 35.5" inch / 90.25cm, 36" inch / 91.5cm, 36.5" inch / 92.75cm, 37" inch / 94cm, 37.5" inch / 95.25cm